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ABC News: Kamala Harris, the ‘Female Barack Obama,’ Answers Her Critics

November 30, 2009

Kamala Harris attended the White House State Dinner last Tuesday. While in DC, she sat down with Teddy Davis of ABC News at the Washington, DC St. Regis (one of my new favorite spots in DC).

This is why I so enthusiastically support her, the focus on the betterment of her community and the fearless risk she is willing to take for it.  The ABC article highlights the vitality of her past seven years in office.  Critics can talk about her all day; she will continue to work for her community and communities across the nation.

At the conclusion of the interview, Harris indicated that she intends to continue pushing for reform of the criminal justice system despite the attendant political risks.

“One impediment to meaningful criminal justice reform is that the nightmare for any one of us as a career prosecutor is that we’ll make a decision today about an offender that is not throwing the book at them and then tomorrow that offender will go out and commit a heinous crime,” Harris said. “[T]his can be politically a deterrent for other elected leaders to take on innovation, because there is a political risk that’s associated with that. ..”

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