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I’m a very excited about this campaign.  I’ve started a blog detailing the latest news and campaign updates on Kamala Harris and her campaign trail to California Attorney General.

It is so easy for us as citizens and leaders of our communities to adapt a dismissive attitude towards crime. It is only someone with strength and a true passion for people to consciously take innovative risk for public safety and the good of a community. This person is Kamala Harris.

As a professional woman of color from the Bay Area, I am totally amazed by her thought process to not simply band-aid issues in the city but search for a solution to the bigger problem all while considering the economic and social impact her actions.

Never has a California had such a unique opportunity to make major change in the safety of our communities than this election. I see this all the way from Georgia. I support her not for myself but for my little cousins, my nieces and nephews and the future of California.

Visit the official Kamala Harris Campaign website at

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